Cool damp air hangs heavily around you as you step through the archway. Your footfalls bounce against unseen stone walls and echo endlessly into the abyss. Two large stone basins ignite in response to your presence, casting dim light across the domed chamber. As your eyes adjust you realize that you are standing at the entrance of an ancient and long forgotton catacomb.

Welcome to the Wraith's domain.

Greetings, Traveler

I am what shuffles in the darkness. Attendant of this vast necropolis and the undead gods that dwell within.

You are free to peruse the numerous keepsakes and trinkets I have gathered here, but take care not to disturb the slumber of those who lie dreaming, for your sake and mine.

This shrine, like all things alive and dead, is a work in progress.

Grab a torch, and tread lightly.


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Rest for awhile and tend to your weary bones.

A relic to guide you home.

A haunting